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angieriley Prive
33 jaar - England - Greater Manchester -

My Services Include but are not restricted to a Full Body to Body Massage, Oral Sex without the use of Condoms, to Completion. I do Enjoy to Swallow after Oral Sex but Facials and Breast Relief are also available if you'd Prefer that. Reverse O is always welcomed be it for your enjoyment, during 69s or Facesitting. A-Levels and Watersports are available at My Discretion, Reverse A-Levels using a Toy or Strap-on can also be requested. I Love to Kiss and Cuddle throughout an appointment and especially during Full Sex.
All fees are paid in full, in cash, within the first minutes of meeting. This enables us both to relax and enjoy the rest of our time together. All prices are fully inclusive and with no hidden charges.

I will only accept a booking on a non-withheld number. (if your forward numbering service has been suspended, please ensure that you dial 1470 to temporarily release your caller I.D.).



Ik doe: Escort – Striptease – Zoenen – Massage – Russisch – Grieks – Pijpen

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heavensangel Prive
43 jaar - England - Greater Manchester -

hey everyone.
i am a 43 year old sexy redhead
my moto is, i will try anything once,i love sex, its my hobby,blowjobs are my speciality, i can also do some amazing foot work, love anal sex, d/p,gangbangs, that kinda thing
into light s/m, golden showers are also a very big fav.of mine, all in all,i am into most things life has to offer, and if i havent done it before, would love to hear about it, and try it.
things i really do not like, are under age,animal,or s***t.for the rest, i will be up for it all.hope to hear from you soon

Ik doe: Escort – Striptease – Zoenen – Pijpen – Massage – Trio – SM dominant – Grieks – Trio M/M – Trio M/V – Plassex actief – Plassex passief

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jo Prive
36 jaar - England - Greater Manchester -

I am a feisty petite lady, who is game for most things. I am a very lively and can be quite difficult to handle, so beware... I may be the devil that you require... but you could quite possibly end up in heaven.

I have attained my popularity through my stunning looks and effervescent personality, but also due to the fact that I treat all of my clients with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Ik doe: Escort – Zoenen

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